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Medical Braces Red Deer

Medical Bracing

Optimal Move has earned a name in the local industry as being a premier facility to offer orthotics and medical body braces in Red Deer. We specialize in all kinds of orthopedic conditions that require medical bracing. We approach each patient and their situation as an individual and work with each patient to offer them the solution that works best for their condition and needs. Our team members will work closely with you to fit you with a brace that fits you best and helps you achieve your goals.

The practitioners at Optimal Move are highly trained and specialize in orthotics and medical bracing. They work hard to offer caring services and take pride in helping our customers achieve their desired results and in some cases pain relief. You can now increase your mobility, maximize your recovery, and decrease the rehabilitation time with our top-notch quality bracing and medical support solutions. Whether it is immobilization or stability that you require, we are here to fit you with the appropriate support, positional support or orthotics that will help and assist with your body’s healing process. The devices we carry offer a wide range of functionality that are suited for your needs and condition. The right orthotics and medical bracing promote safe and proper post-operation healing, treatment of a severe injury or some chronic condition, such as cervical spine injury. From knee braces, ankle bracing, wrist brace, arm bracing, shoulder braces to back braces, we have it all.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure plays a significant role when it comes to heart diseases. If the blood pressure is good, it helps in preventing heart disease and other health problems. Before the last decade, the only way to get blood pressure checked was by going to the doctor or a local pharmacy. In recent times, with a lot of innovation in the medical field, you can buy a blood pressure monitor that is easy to use at home and is affordable as well. There are many diverse types and variations of blood pressure monitors that are digital, pump up automatically and give you a reading that can help manage your blood pressure effectively. At Optimal Move, we have a large variety of blood pressure monitors to choose from.

One of our most popular monitors is the upper arm, full blood pressure monitoring kit that comes with batteries, wall plus ad well as storage case. The LCD screen displays oversized numbers, making it easy to read and track the results. Then there is the wrist blood pressure monitor that only takes 30 seconds, is very user friendly and it is so small it can be carried anywhere easily. We also have a monitor that is ideal for household where more than one person is tracking blood pressure, because it can store multiple readings with date and time stamps. We also carry affordable blood pressure monitors that are portable, easy to store and can take consecutive readings to give an average reading, along with indicating hypertension and irregular heartbeat. When you come to us, we will work with you to find out which monitor will best suit your needs and budget and educate you on how to use it.

Home blood Pressure Monitor
medical grade compression stockings

Compression Stockings

One of the most common reasons for getting compression stockings is to improve blood flow through the veins in your legs. The stockings gently squeeze the legs in order to move blood up your legs. This assists in preventing swelling in the legs and to some extent, blood clots. If you suffer from spider veins, varicose veins or have had surgery recently, compression stockings can help and can be prescribed by our certified team members. We carry a variety of medical grade compression stockings that are known to reduce the pooling of blood in the veins of the leg. They are also known to help with blood clots and reduce them. These stockings are also remarkably effective in reducing swelling, aches, and heaviness of the legs.

We recommend compression stockings to those who are going through vein therapy. The outcomes from vein surgery can be improved by using these compression stockings. We have a team of specialists that will take leg measurements and choose a suitable medical grade stocking that is priced, therapeutic as well as long lasting. These Stockings alternatively known as gradient stockings or pressure stockings, are available in a variety of colors and styles for customers to choose from. With our extensive compression stocking inventory, you will be incredibly happy and satisfied. Compression stockings are available in different lengths, from knee-high to top of the thigh. You can also choose from light to intense pressure, known as grading.  Call Optimal Move today to find out more on compression stockings in Red Deer.

Resistance Bands

If you are suffering from a sports injury and need a tool for rehabilitation, we recommend a resistance band. Resistance bands are fitness bands that are stretchable. These bands enable athletes that have an injury to focus and work on specific areas of the body. That can help the rehabilitation of muscles and joints post injury and can speed up the healing process. There are many rehabilitation exercises that are designed to strengthen specific parts of the body that need to be retrained due to an injury by using resistance bands. It can be an effective method for the rehabilitation of shoulders, neck, upper back, knee and even lower back conditions. With steady resistance from the band, the rehab from this is more beneficial than traditional dumb bells.

Resistance bands have elastic bands or rubberized cables with handle attachments, are compact to carry anywhere anytime and easy to use, regardless of the skill level. Even if you are travelling, you do not have to worry. You can take the bands as they are so easy to pack up and use anywhere. Not only is it good for rehabilitation, but also perfect to boost performance through functional movement exercises. By using resistance bands regularly, you get superior results over time by achieving stability in underworked and injured areas.

At Optimal Move, we carry a variety of resistance bands, from effective bands for structural rehab to advanced ones. We have a team of specialists that can help you determine which band is the right fit for your needs. Do not hesitate, call today, and book an appointment.

Red Deer Resistance Bands