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At Optimal Move, we are committed to providing top quality products along with unimpeachable service. Whether you are looking for orthotics, Blood Pressure Machine, Mobility aids, Equipment rental, medical grade products, home care or nutritionist services, we can offer it all under one roof. We have a well-trained, qualified, and certified staff that is available to assist you in choosing the right products and teach you how to use them. We are located conveniently in Red Deer and have established ourselves in the local industry as one of the best.

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What we Offer

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Mobility Aids

If you are in Red Deer and looking for Wheelchairs, walking aids, electric scooters, canes, crutches or walkers, we are pleased to tell you we carry all of these products for our customers. Out products are top notch, premium quality products that are priced reasonably so everyone can afford to buy these when needed. We have established ourselves in Red Deer as one of top provider for mobility aids. We are trusted by the locals only because we offer premium quality products from leading manufacturers in the industry. The specialists at Optimal Move strive to ensure they match you with the right mobility aid for your requirements and needs. You will not find such a dedicated team that works to help customers achieve a better quality of life with increase mobility. Whether it is power chair, scooter, wheelchair, walker, cane or crutches, our knowledgeable team members are here to assist you in choosing the product that is just right for you.

We carry wide selection of wheelchairs, including manual, electric, lightweight, wide-set, reclining, as well as pediatric wheelchairs. We carry dependable, quality and efficient products that can help customers and make their life easier. We offer a wide range of easy to operate mobility scooters that include heavy duty scooters as well as collapsible ones. The mobility scooters are suitable, comfortable, and efficient transportation methods for those who have difficulty walking long distances and even stand for extended periods of time. They can continue their everyday tasks without any hindrance. You can find a variety of walkers and crutches at our location as well. From adult walkers with baskets, knee walkers, forearm crutches, Wood or Aluminum crutches, canes to pediatric walkers, we offer it all for our customers.

Equipment Rental

At Optimal Move, we offer a large variety of medical equipment for rent to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you require equipment while you are recovering at home, or you have a loved one that requires medical equipment, we have you covered. From Electric mobility scooters, wheelchair, walkers, hospital beds, lift chairs, shower chairs, bathroom safety equipment to other mobility aids, we carry it all and much more. We also offer long-term rental discounts that can be offered upon request. Call us today at Optimal Move to get more information and secure the medical equipment for rent in Red Deer.

Getting older can be tough, but that does not mean you cannot age and live life easily. Even if you require assistance while doing some things in life, it should not stop you from living your life to the fullest. We take pride in being a medical equipment store located in Red Deer, where you can get medical equipment for rent so that you can continue to be active in life.

Renting equipment could be a promising idea in some cases. If you have a tight budget, or a condition that may be short term, equipment rental may be the best option for you. You may also be able to try out a product and its quality to ensure it is a good fit for you or your situation before investing in buying the product and being stuck with something that does not work for you. In some cases, your condition may change, and you may require a different level of product. Renting equipment enables you to change products or try another until you find what fits you well. Call us to get more information on our equipment rentals in Red Deer.

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Dietitian Or Nutritionist

Optimal Move has a team of Nutritionists that have registered dietitian degrees and specialize in the field. Our team of nutritionists are experts that work in the treatment as well as prevention of diseases by using nutrition therapy and customer diet plans and are an integral part of our healthcare team. The purpose of nutritionists is to help motivate and guide customers to learn how to fuel their body properly. We offer comprehensive nutritional counselling services to patients with a range of goals. Whether you are looking to reach a certain healthy weight goal, improve your long-term wellness and health, or enhance your athletic performance, our nutritionist can assist you in achieving your goals.

When you come to our dietitian, you are given a complete and thorough examination of your blood pressure, physical activity level, metabolic rate, heart rate, body composition, goal weight, etc. Based on all the information, a customized nutritional plan is devised while keeping food allergies or other dietary preferences in mind. Comprehensive blood work is also done to identify any nutritional deficiencies and regular bloodwork is done to check progress over time. Getting to the optimal and healthy weight is not something that can be achieved overnight. It takes time, well balanced approach and a long-term dietary plan that is tracked over time by our specialists. Our Nutritionists are available to offer support, advice, and encouragement every step of the way for you to sustain long term positive results. Our licensed and registered dietitian provides nutritional assessment, intervention and provides education on how to set goals and meet them.

Home Care

At Optimal Move, we have team members that specialize in helping home bound, disabled and elderly live independently in the comfort of their own home. Our personalized and family-oriented approach is what has set us apart from others in the local healthcare industry. Our team members are highly dedicated to their service and possess unparalleled expertise that has made us popular over others offering the same service in Red Deer. Our personalized and customized in-home care services are designed to ensure that your loved ones get compassionate and dignified care that they deserve. Our services enable our customers to remain independent in the security and comfort of their homes for as long as possible.

You may be considering home care if someone you love has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or demonstrating signs of depression or even dementia. Once the family member has been discharged from the hospital, they require round-the-clock care at home, and this is where we come in. We have registered nurses on our staff that have the experience required to handle such situations and patients with great care. They coordinate services appropriately and provide ongoing support. With their Alzheimer’s and Dementia Training, the caregivers can offer one-on-one cognitive simulation along with the needed support for daily life activities. We also have experienced supervisors that are on-call to respond to calls at any time, be it day or night. You will get unparalleled quality of service along with compassion when you choose us. Call us today to get more home care details.

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